Biden to Ask Congress for $100 Billion in Ukraine, Israel Aid


President Biden will ask Congress for $100 Billion in funding for Ukraine and Israel emergency aid, Bloomberg reports. The new package aims to give additional support for Israel after the Hamas attack, as well as maintain ongoing support for Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion. The aid would also include border security funding and aid to countries in the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan.

The funding request, which lawmakers expect to receive by Friday morning, would cover a full year and is aimed at insulating the security funding from the partisan spending battles that have hamstrung recent efforts to supply Ukraine with weapons and other assistance to beat back a Russian invasion.

U.S. Senate leaders had said earlier on Tuesday they expected Biden to send them a request by the end of this week for billions of dollars in assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and for security at the U.S. border.

A previous request from the White House included $24 billion in Ukraine assistance. However, it only covered a three-month period. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday said he expected the administration to send the request by “the end of this week.”

“We’d like to get the supplemental package moved as quickly as possible because the needs are great in both Israel and Ukraine,” he added.