Tech Layoffs: Microsoft Confirmed It’s Cutting Additional Jobs on Top of the Previously Announced 10,000 Layoffs

Microsoft confirmed on July 7 that it is cutting additional jobs on top of the previously announced 10,000 layoffs. The company said that it is “making changes to the way we work” and that “some roles will no longer be needed.”

The additional layoffs are likely to be concentrated in Microsoft’s cloud computing division, Azure. Azure is one of Microsoft’s fastest-growing businesses, but it is also one of the most competitive. As a result, Microsoft is under pressure to cut costs in order to stay ahead of its rivals.

The layoffs at Microsoft are just the latest sign of trouble in the tech sector. In recent months, a number of tech companies have announced layoffs, including Meta, Twitter, and Netflix. These layoffs are being driven by a number of factors, including the rising cost of living, the war in Ukraine, and the ongoing chip shortage.

The layoffs in the tech sector are likely to have a ripple effect throughout the economy. The tech sector is a major source of jobs and investment, and the layoffs could lead to a slowdown in economic growth.

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